Advanced Planning

Advanced Planning 

Planning ahead is a great idea for two important reasons.  First, it releases a great burden on family and friends during their time in grief.  Secondly, pre-buying your reef memorial today locks in today’s price for later use.  To make this process as simple as possible Living Reef Memorial offers three advanced payment plans that will assist you in your advance planning goals.

The Sea Turtle Plan allows you to purchase your reef memorial today.  Create your online account, choose the reef memorial, then select one of the three reef memorial deployment locations.  Once you have checked out and the purchase has been made, Living Reef Memorial will send you a Certificate of Purchase with the reef memorial you have selected, the deployment location desired, and the identity of the cremains.    

At your time of use, family or funeral provider need only to contact us.  They will provide us with the name on your Certificate of Purchase and send us the cremains.  Your reef memorial will be manufactured and deployed into the sea; as per your instructions.  Get started today by creating your free online account.

The Layaway Plan is for those who wish to buy their reef memorial a little bit at a time.  We offer two year (interest free) purchase plan. It allows you to pay off your reef memorial within a two year payment period.  You decide how much to put into your Living Reef Memorial online account every month until your reef is paid.   After final payment has been received, you will receive your Certificate of Purchase.  This Certificate of Purchase is redeemable for the reef memorial you have chosen.  Living Reef Memorial will send you a request for payment every month for the amount you have chosen.  There is an additional 5% flat administration fee for choosing this option.  Get started by clicking on the link to create your account or call us today at 800 569 REEF or 7333.    

The Family Funding Plan is great way to get family and friends involved and to help with the costs.  It works just like crowdfunding, which allows everyone to become involved in this process.  When you set up the account, family and friends will have the opportunity to contribute to the overall cost of the reef memorial.  This plan is great because everyone gets to see how much is in the account, who contributed, and how much.  Living Reef Memorial will set up a crowdfunding account for you and provide you with all the information to make your campaign a success.  There is a monthly administration fee of $50.00 to set up and maintain this account. 

What to expect

Living Reef Memorial and the parent company (Global Preservation Project LLC) reserves 70% of all advanced payments in trust.  In the unlikely event Living Reef Memorial is unable to service the contract, 70% of the funds will be returned to the original purchaser.

In the event that you decide to cancel your order prior to your final payment all funds will be returned to you within 30 days of written cancellation.   There is a 20% processing fee of the total amount that is reserved for administrative costs.  

At the time of need, ashes are delivered to our facility at your cost.  They can be hand delivered or sent using the U.S. Postal Service.  Once your cremains have arrived at our facility, a Positive Chain of Custody Procedure is set into motion.   Every step in this process is fully documented with video, photographs, and Affidavits of Fact.    This ensures that there is no mistake as to the authenticity of the process.  The video evidence is professionally edited and posted onto YouTube for family and friends to share.  All of this is included in the purchase of your reef memorial.

Within one week of Living Reef Memorial taking custody of your cremains, skilled craftsmen transform your cremains into the reef memorial that you chose.  During that time family and friends will have the opportunity to choose a deployment date.  Should family and friends wish to view the reef memorial being lowered into the sea, the staff at Living Reef Memorial will assist them in finding the right charter to make the experience a memorable one.  This charter is not included into the price of the reef so be sure to set aside funds.  The amount of people taken on the voyage and the services desired will dictate the cost.   A typical charter of 30 guests with beverages will cost around $2,500.00.

If the cremains are going to be transported across international boarders there are some specific documents that need to be sent with the cremains and they include;

1.  A certified Death Certificate. 

2.  A letter from the crematory indication there is nothing harmful within the cremains.

Living Reef Memorial will make all of the necessary arrangements and acquire all of the permits to transport the cremains across international lines.   



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