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A Living Reef Memorial goes beyond the urn.  

      Enhancing your offerings

As trends and traditions change families are seeking offerings that are more uniquely suited.  A Living Reef is the key to generating more green today and a healthier environment for tomorrow.

      No inventory to store or maintain

Every reef is handcrafted at the Living Reef Memorial facility so there is no need to store a  Reef Memorial in inventory. Instead, we provide you with a handsome display reef that is a miniature replica of the actual reef.  We provide all of the literature, media, and promotional materials you need to effectively offer a Reef Memorial to your clients.

      Completely permanent

A Living Reef Memorial, has been engineered to eternally remain in it’s final resting place, even under the most extreme undersea conditions. Furthermore, there is no economic motivation to destroy, molest, vandalize, relocate, or otherwise disturb the reefs. In fact, there is every motivation to allow the reef to do  what they do, which is make more fish.  These reefs become an environmental and civic asset to the communities they serve.

      Ecologically beneficial

Living Reefs are scientifically designed to mimic habitat of hundreds of species of marine life and many of those are endangered, threatened, or otherwise effected by humans. These artificial reefs enhance marine biodiversity, increase biological production, and help to reduce species extinction rates as well as replenishing over fished coastal fishing grounds.

      Religiously accepted

As a funeral professional you understand that most religions condone cremation. A Living Reef Memorial is the only green burial alternative for the health of the oceans on the west coast. Today our planets health is becoming more prevalent and even religious services today promote being a good steward of our planet.  Few burial offerings can boast to their clients that they would be leaving this planet a better and more healthy then when they found it.

      Socially praised.

Being ecologically minded is always a positive thing and choosing a Living Reef Memorial is something families enjoy talking about.  The reaction has always been one that was filled with pride and each family can be proud of this ecologically beneficial burial choice. Appeals to the families.  People enjoy the fact that their loved one is eternally giving back something positive. Leaving this world a better place is also something that is unique in a burial offering and a Living Reef certainly does that.


Families enjoy the benefit of how affordable ordering a Reef Memorial is. Living Reefs markets our retail prices to suit every budget.  Prices range from $600.00 to $4,000.00.

      Becoming more GREEN  

Each reef that is installed onto the sea floor increases biodiversity, reduces species extinction rates, and helps to restore our ailing fish stocks. You will be providing families a quality product that leaves a positive environmental legacy that everyone can be proud of. You should be rewarded for doing a good thing for Mother Earth.


Going green should make you more green!

Your ecologically minded clients will seek your services, over those who do not green burial alternatives. Every reef that is deployed into the sea will go on to become habitat for thousands of species of marine life that would not have been there before.  Through the sale of a Living Reef Memorial we are able to fund other ecological projects like Sea Turtle Rescue and our Habitat Preservation Projects.  Because Living Reef Memorial is part of a non profit organization
(Global Preservation Project) we take every dollar generated and save your environment with it.


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