Questions and Answers

Questions and Answers

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How much does a Living Reef cost?
Can I place keepsakes in the reef with my loved one?
What happens to the ashes of my loved one?
Where does the reef get placed?
How does ordering a reef memorial help save the rainforest?
Can I purchase a Living Reef Now and use it when the time comes?
How does my reef help reduce pollution?
Can my family watch my reef being placed Into the sea?
Can I put items within the reef itself?
Do the reefs need to be maintained?
Can I put a memorial plaque on the reef?
Is a payment plan or Lay-Away plan available?

How Much Does a Living Reef Cost?

Living Reef Memorial offers several different sizes and types to fit every situation.  Here is a list of the reef memorials available and their cost.

Liberty Reef  $600.00.  This reef is a wonderful alternative for those who wish to deploy their reef when and where they like.  

Community Reef  $875.00  This reef holds up to four separate sets of cremains in one single reef. 

Loving Reef $2,400.00  This reef is dedicated for a single individual. 

Living Reef  $3,500.00  The Living Reef is dedicated to a single person and is the largest of the reefs manufactured.

Forever Together Reef  $4,000.00   The Forever Together Reef is dedicated to the couple who wish to be eternally together.   


Can I place keepsakes in the reef with My Loved One?
Yes, you can. Our only requirement is that the keepsake be of a small size so it will fit into the reef and that the material it is made from will not oxidize. 

What Happens to the Ashes of My Loved One?

One week after Living Reef Memorial accepts custody of the cremains, the cremains are forever cast into an artificial reef of your choice.  Ashes are lovingly preserved by incorporating them into a specially formulated marine friendly compound that is made using natural sea shells, sand, and low alkaline concrete. This compound is then placed into the reef mold where it will cure and produce the reef structure.  The material takes no less than 30 days to cure.  After curing the reef is then loaded onto our vessel and made ready for the voyage to the deployment site and installed onto the sea floor. 

Where Does the Reef Get Placed?

Living Reef Memorial has tow permitted deployment locations. 

Southern California / Northern Baja

Vancouver Island BC Canada. 

The staff at Living Reef Memorial have determined where these reefs will be of the most benefit to our ocean. Depth,
current, temperature, substrate, oxygen levels, and a host of other factors determine where these reefs will be most effective for the target species. Regulatory: We have been given specific permission from the government to place these artificial reefs.  The lawfully permitted area off the coast of the Los Coronados Islands and Vancouver Island BC.

How does ordering a Living Reef help save the rainforests?

According the American Association of Funeral Directors 90 million board feet of rain-forest hardwoods are consumed annually for the manufacturing of caskets. More importantly, a portion of the revenue generated from the reef goes towards our Habitat Sponsorship program.  The areas we preserve are in a latitude where 70 percent of all life comes from.

Can I Purchase a Living Reef Now and Use It When the Time Comes?

Yes you can. Living Reef Memorial encourages our clients to make their arrangements so as to not burden their loved ones during their most difficult time. To lock in the price of a reef today, for use tomorrow, is a smart idea. By buying the reef today you can eliminate some of the questions and financial burdens of your final wishes. During the grieving process it is important to allow your loved ones the environment to grieve and not have to worry about money.

Living Reef Memorial has several plans to help you through this process.
Click here to pre plan your memorial reef.

How Does My Reef Help Reduce Pollution?

Cemeteries typically have great big lawns that need to me maintained like any other commercial lawn. The run off from the fertilizers are a huge source of pollution. Nitrate and phosphate run off goes into the storm drains and eventually reaches our oceans. One single phosphate atom from this runoff has the same amount of destructive force to our oceans as chlorofluorocarbon does on our ozone layer. The maintenance equipment used (such as the lawn mowers and weed eaters) burn petroleum products which contributes to green house gasses, global warming, and pollution.  The paints, solvents, and adhesives used for the manufacturing of caskets eventually breaks down and leaches into the ground water. In 2005 550,000 gallons of embalming fluid was used to preserve dead bodies. This known carcinogen also leaches into the ground water which further pollutes our environment.  Choosing an alternative that does not destroy our environment is clearly the better choice. 

Can I Watch My Reef Being Placed Into the Sea?

Yes, you can!  Living Reef Memorial can assist you in finding the right charter boat
for your needs. Whether it is a party of 100 or just one, we will assist you in finding
a qualified and licensed charter company to take you to the location for the viewing.


Can I Put Items Within the Reef Itself?

Yes, you sure can, provided the item does not oxidize and compromise
the integrity of the reef.

That means, if it can rust or expand then it should be left out of the reef.

Do the Reefs Need to be Maintained?

No and yes.

No, because if the reefs are left alone they will continue
to provide vital habitat for endangered and threatened species in our oceans.

Yes, because pollution is the only threat to the reefs. Therefore the maintenance
that is required is to be ever diligent in the effort to halt the pollution issues in our oceans.

Can I Put a Memorial Plaque on the Reef?

Yes, you can. Living Reef Memorial uses natural black stone that is etched with any sentiment.   Engrave photos and text onto the Memorial Plaques and installed onto the reef memorial

Is a Payment Plan or Lay-Away Plan Available?

Yes, Living Reef Memorial offers payment plans to fit every budget.
Give us a call and tell us what you can pay, and we will accommodate
your pre-planning needs.

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