Reef Deployment Locations

Reef Memorial Deployment Locations

Southern California / Baja Mexico 

This site is 12 miles south of San Diego Bay, in Mexican waters, and off the coast of four tiny islands called the Los Coronados islands. These four tiny islands can be seen from any beach in the city of San Diego. 

This memorial site is located on an ancient Humpback and Grey whale migration route. Dolphins, whales, sea lions, and other marine life can regularly be seen in the area. The Los Coronados islands are uninhabited and has been federally protected to ensure that the reefs will be left undisturbed.   Diving and visiting the reefs is always encouraged.

Unattended reef deployment dates for this site are year round.  Attended reef deployment dates are from April through October.   Weather is unpredictable during winter months and we only encourage the voyage when the weather is historically good.  Attending a reef memorial deployment can be done by charter during summer months or by viewing the video we provide.

Pacific Northwest / Vancouver Island BC

There are three reef deployment sites on South Vancouver Island.

1. Cape Lazo
2. Coffin Point is another site which is located just around the corner from Ladysmith, BC, a small own situated on the 49th parallel.
3. Ten Mile Point between Telegraph Bay and Spring Bay, in Victoria, BC., then there are
various sites surrounding the Southern Gulf Islands, (from Snake Island
near Nanaimo’s Harbor to the south tip of Saturna Island). Across the
water there is the south west side of Bowen Island and just off the coast
of White Rock BC in Semaiano Bay.
Contact us if you have a specific location not on our list.

Unattended reef memorial deployment dates are year round.  Attended reef deployment dates for this location run from June through October.  

Visiting the reefs or viewing the deployments can be as simple as sitting at the waters edge, kayaking off the shores of our beautiful island, or scuba diving to the reef.  Whichever you choose, you can reflect on your loved one and know they are giving life back to the sea. The natural beauty of  these spectacular locations sets Living Reef Memorial apart from any other burial choice.If you and your family have a different site in mind that is more meaningful to you, contact Living Reef Memorial to discuss options.


Bay County, Panama City, Florida, U.S.A.

This location is Florida at its best.  The white soft sand and the emerald water makes this deployment site truly unique.  Located only a short distance from shore, this reef memorial deployment location enjoys the cool tropical breezes and warm sunshine that defines Florida. Florida boasts all the natural wonder and beauty of a tropical paradise.  It is no surprise that people come to Florida to enjoy everything it has to offer.  Now it is possible to spend eternity in this paradise.