Living Reef


The Living Reef Memorial is exclusively dedicated to the single individual so only one set of ashes  occupy this Reef. It is an eternal legacy of everlasting life to the world and to the souls we leave behind.


The voids (or living spaces) created within this reef range between  1.25 inches and 1.5 inches. The over-all dimensions of a Living Reef are 2.75 feet across by 1.75 feet tall.


This Living Reef memorial is hexagonal and graduated at the base. Its low profile and 22.5 degree sloping panels force fishing nets to roll  over the Living Reef without tipping or moving it. The total weight of a  Living Reef is approximately 350 to 400 pounds. The added weight helps the stability of the reef on the sea floor. The hexagonal shape also disrupts the smooth flow of water around the reef, adding to the stability of the reef in all conditions.

Additional information

Weight 350-400 lbs
Dimensions 33 x 21 in