What’s included

What is included?   

Below is a list of things that are included with your reef memorial.

  1. Accepting custody of the cremains, accompanied by a secure Positive Chain of Custody Policy.
  2. The entire process is documented with video.  This evidence is professionally edited and provided to the families through YouTube.
  3. Preparing all of the required documentation and permits required for the transportation of the cremains across international boarders.
  4. Preparing the compound for the casting of the cremated remains.
  5. Casting the cremated remains into an artificial marine habitat.
  6. Loading and preparing the reef for its journey to sea on one of our non polluting sailboats (liberty Reef excluded).
  7. Sailing the reef to the reef deployment area (Liberty Reef excluded).
  8. Installing the Reef Memorial into the sea floor (Reef excluded).A Certificate of Gratitude with the exact GPS latitude, longitude, and depth of your Living Reef Memorial.
  9. Annual surveys of the reef (Liberty Reef Excluded).