Liberty Reef Memorial

The Liberty Reef Memorial is a unique and personal way to honor your loved ones ashes, in a place and time of your choosing.  A Liberty Reef Memorial is a profound statement of the life that was lived and the love that was shared.

Ashes of the departed are delivered to our office.  From the moment Living Reef Memorial takes custody of the cremains, a Positive Chain of Custody Procedure is employed, ensuring that your loved ones ashes are where they are supposed to be.  We document every step of the process and even video tape the making of your memorial reef to ensure everything goes according to plan.

The ashes are then preserved in the compound that makes the reef structure.  Once the reef has had 30 days to cure, it is then palliated and shipped to your location for deployment.

Total price $600.00

(Terms and Conditions may apply – Please speak with one of our specialists for complete details)


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