Our Boats

All of the vessels in our fleet are special and are dear to the men who sail them. Each vessel is hand crafted from old world technology and are completely dependant on the wind that power them. Our boats have been all refitted to accept the reefs they serve. The vessels are all made from wood and require a tremendous amount of time to restore and maintain. We feel it is all worth the hard work.

The Dolphin is a 1966 forty-three foot wooden sailing vessel. She operates solely on the power generated by her sails and is made entirely from wood.

The staff at Living Reef Memorial is proud of the fact that we sail this distinguished vessel, as she is truly one of a kind. We are equally proud that we do not burn petroleum products in the transportation of any Living Reef. Only the power of the wind drives our boats so that we do not pollute in any way. Wind power is silent and does not disturb the environment with noise pollution.

The Dolphin and the rest of our vessels are maintained with old world technology. Nothing ecologically harmful goes on the boat, in the boat, or gets dumped from the boat. We like to say “Life flourishes in our wake.” Read more>