Baja California Deployment Location

Living Reef Memorial Deployment Location

Baja California, Los Coronado’s Islands.


This location is located 8 miles south of San Diego, near four tiny islands called the Los Coronado’s. These islands can be seen from any beach in the city of San Diego and visiting can be as easy as a walk on the beach.  This deployment site is special because it is a ancient whale migration waypoint for the Humpback and Grey whales.  Dolphins, whales, and sea lions can regularly be seen cruising the area.  The Los Coronado’s islands are uninhabited, and the reef deployment site has been deemed protected to ensure that the reefs will be left undisturbed.     


Viewing the deployment

If you are planning on viewing the deployment the staff at Living Reef Memorial can assist you in locating an right charter to take you to the deployment site.  Typically, the ride out is about an hour to an hour and a half to

the deployment location.    

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