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Living Reef Memorial is lawfully permitted to rehabilitate two areas of sea floor.  We operate in northern Baja, Mexico and in Florida.  

Living Reef Memorial’s deployments on the west coast are conducted near the coast of the Los Coronado Islands, on the boarder of the United States and Mexico. These islands are just a few miles south from the mouth of San Diego Bay and lie in Mexican waters.

The Los Coronados islands can be seen from any beach in San Diego and are a short boat ride on many of the charter boats available. This history of the islands is painted with colorful stories of smugglers from privateers days, to Al Capone days, and even into modern times. These islands are virtually uninhabited, apart from a small squad of Mexican Marines who are stationed on the biggest of the four islands.

The sheer cliffs and the rocky shore line makes landing on the islands impossible.  Even so, the Mexican government has declared that area off limits and visiting is prohibited.  The colorful history and the natural beauty of spectacular location sets Living Reef Memorial apart from any other burial choice.

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Living Reef Memorial deployment location the Los Coroados Islands.