The Living Reef Memorial Experience.

The Living Reef Memorial experience leaves tradition behind in exchange for a more inspiring and natural approach to burial.    This is not the traditional burial but a most beautiful and inspiring journey that begins when we receive your phone call. Only when all of your questions are answered do we begin this simple and loving process.  You will find that the staff at Living Reef Memorial are all compassionate human beings and we have all experienced loss in life.  “We get it.”  We are dedicated to providing you with the information you need to make your decision.  We’re friendly and we are eager to help you.  800 569 REEF or 7333.

The Living Reef Memorial experience is an inspirational and healing one.  If choosing a reef for yourself or having to choose for someone else a Living Reef Memorial is a choice the entire family can be proud of.  These reefs go on to grow and bloom with an abundance of life. 

When viewing a reef being installed onto the sea floor, you not can help but imagine the abundance of life that is just beneath the waves.  The dolphins and schools of fish swimming by for the occasional hello.  The humpback and Blue whales that migrate through this site, often pass gently overhead.  The sea breaths with the gentle ebb and flow of the tides and life thrives.

Many of our clients tell us that becoming a part of this journey has been the most profound experience of their lives.  The peace and tranquility of the sea is mesmerizing and the sea is a healing place.

The following are the steps to be taken.  

Step one: Choose a Memorial Reef that suits your needs best.  We have a reef to suit every need and every budget.

Step two: Download or have us send you the Client Agreement.  Read, sign, and send one copy back to us. 

Step three:  Send or deliver the cremains.  If sending the post we recommend the U.S. Postal Service.  

Step four:  Include a burial permit from the funeral home or crematory.  

Step five: Send payment.  Living Reef Memorial accepts PayPal, credit Cards, checks, and money orders made payable to Living Reef Memorial.    

Step six: Choose a deployment date and decide if you wish to view the reef being lowered into the sea.  If you want to view the deployment our staff can assist you in locating a charter for you.  If you choose not to attend we will publish on a short YouTube video of the entire process at no additional cost. 

The following are the requirement s for transporting cremains into Mexico.

Transport of Cremated Remains

1. Certified copy of Death certificate (notarized) and translated into Spanish

2. Cremation Certificate (notarized and translated)

3. Photocopy of all documents